I'm Dominick D'Aniello a freelance front end developer specializing in mobile, web, and interactivity


I have over 7 years of experience building great apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and the mobile web.

I have developed both fully native applications in Objective-C and Java as well as hybrid applications using both Titanium and PhoneGap (Including custom plugins) that combine the rapid development and cross platform deployment of HTML5 with the performance and capabilities of native applications.


I specialize in developing dynamic client side experiences that run on a myriad of browsers and devices. I strive to maintain clean, elegant code, and am a big proponent of responsive design.

I have a great deal of experience with many modern frontend technologies including CoffeeScript, SASS, Backbone, Handlebars, RequireJS, and jQuery. I have also worked with a handful of backend technologies including CakePHP, Django, and Ruby on Rails.


I have a passion for creating unique interactive content and games. I am the founder and lead developer of SOL3 Studios, focused on creating unique game experiences for desktop and mobile.

I love to work with technology that challenges the ways we traditionally interact with our computers. I have worked with Microsoft Kinect, LEAP Motion, the Oculous Rift, and have even built a custom banjo controller for a game I developed called Oh No Banjo.


GetGlue for iOS, Android, & Web

An HTML5 powered experience that shares the same codebase to run a responsive site for desktop and mobile, as well as suite of hybrid native mobile applications for the leading social network for entertainment, GetGlue.


DesignFruit Website

Digital storefront site with custom built CMS and control panel, with the ability to add and remove products, modify pricing information, and create timed discounts. Tied into the client's existing e-commerce platform (ejunkie) to allow them to continue distributing products and handling payments as they were accustomed to.


Root Route

An upcoming action puzzle game for iPhone and Android. Split your root to avoid obstacles while gathering nutrients. Initially prototyped as an entry for a 72 hour game jam, Ludum Dare. Ranked 8th out of 734 games in innovation and 40th overall.

Root Route Website

SOL3 Studios Website

Combined elements of several existing wordpress templates as well as custom markup and styling to create a minimalist responsive studio site that can be edited and updated by non technical members of the team with minimal effort.


reRIT Table

"reRIT" is a mixed-reality design and visualization interface. Users move physical plastic models of buildings and immediately see their actions reflected in a virtual 3D world projected on a large screen in front of them. Completed in a small team and put on display at RIT's innovation festival.

reRIT Demo on Viemo

Oh No Banjo

A guitar hero style game designed to more closely mimic the finger picking action of playing a banjo. Built to work with a custom made banjo controller. Completed in a small team and demoed at GDC to much fanfare.

BoingBoing.net Coverage

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