Siri learns how to Tweet

Have been hacking around with the Siri Proxy created by plamoni today. Made some pretty cool progress.

First, I taught Siri how to tweet:

The commands are actually interpreted by Apple’s servers, and then intercepted by a proxy I have running locally. I am then simply using Twitter gem to make the post. Confirm and cancel work both by voice and by clicking the onscreen buttons. You may notice it appears the resutls are coming from WolframAlpha. I just used this response format as it allows you to return arbitrary text and images, as well as a confirmation. There is no interaction with wolfram’s servers.

This is much more elegant than the sms message workaround for posting to twitter that has been shown before (but requires a lot more setup)

Code for this can be found on my github:

Will post more videos when I get other things working :)

Heres a close up screenshot:


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